Getting Started

Does ScrapeJet support Unicode?

Yes, it fully supports Unicode.

How do I use multiple users on the same pc on the same ScrapeJet license?

Simply use your 2nd license that comes with Scrapejet.


What is ScrapeJet?

The answer to this is very loaded, but in short you give Scrapejet your keywords, anchors and urls and it will harvest proxies or you can use your own, then it will harvest more keywords for you based on your keywords.  Then it will harvest urls based on those keywords, and post comments on them and check for links.  It also auto harvests comments.

So you can literally give it your keywords, anchors and urls and hit go and walk away and it will build links for you and do everything needed along the way.  There is of course granular control over things as well, but for more info see:

How do encode my footprints?

You can use this tool to encode your footprints for you:

Can I use Scrapejet with a VPS or Dedicated Server?

Yes you can use it with a VPS or a Dedicated Server so long as it is running Windows.  It has been tested with both windows 2003 and 2008 server.

The recommended place to get a VPS from is:
Scrapebox VPS Server

And a dedicated server from:
Woo Servers


Can I use ScrapeJet on a MAC?

You can not use it with the Mac OS.  You can use it with either Parralles or Boot Camp running windows of course.

Where can I get ScrapeJet private proxies?

After much testing we have found that the 2 best proxy providers are:

ScrapeboxProxy – Use Discount Code: MAttPROMO  for a 15% discount off your first month  (even though its listed as ScrapeBOX proxies they also work for an allow ScrapeJET).


They both provide robust, solid proxies that have never failed us.  They both have unlimited bandwidth and they both provide great customer service.  They are simply the best providers out there when it comes to ScrapeJet proxies.

Where can I download ScrapeJet?

You can download ScrapeJet here:

You can also log into and download it from there.

Where are the backlink reports stored in Scrapejet?

In the main Scrapejet folder there is a folder called Backlinks.  In this folder you will find all of the reports with all of the backlinks that Scrapejet has created.

Does ScrapeJet support SOCKS proxies?

No, Scrapejet does not support SOCKS proxies.

Can run more then 1 instance of Scrapejet on my pc?



Each instance must be run from a separate folder.

For instance create a second empty folder:


Then copy the contents from your original scrapjet folder to the second folder so you have two separate copies.