What does account does not exist error 3 mean?

Error 3 can happen when you install ScrapeJet on 1 machine and then transfer it to a different machine and then transfer it back to the original machine.  It can also happen if you reinstall your Operating System.

What you need to do is first close down scrapejet if its running.  Then open internet explorer and in the address bar type


and hit enter.  That will pop open a folder in windows explorer.  Then delete the scrapejet.dat file.  Then close that window and relaunch ScrapeJet.

If there is no scrapejet.dat file or you have done this and it still says error 3, then it means that you are entering in the wrong information.  Try copying, rather then typing in,  the license info from or from your license email that was auto generated when you purchased Scrapejet.

How to fix 'No Platform Definition Files Found!' error?

Scrapejet will give a 'No Platform Definition Files Found!' error whenver there are no platform definition file present in the folder ScrapeJet is looking for them in.  ScrapeJet looks in the main Scrapejet folder >> configuration.  So the definition files should be in there.

If you have the files stored elsewhere then you just need to copy them into this folder.  If you don't have the files then you can login to your account at and redownload the whole Scrapejet package.  You can then copy the files out of that or just use the whole package as it is.

Sorry But Something Does Not Seem To Be Right Between The Communication of ScrapeJet and Captha Sniper

When using Captcha Sniper with Scrapejet and you receive the following message:

"Sorry But Something Does Not Seem To Be Right Between The Communication of ScrapeJet and Captha Sniper"

This means that Scrapejet sent the data to Captcha Sniper, but Captcha Sniper did not respond.  You need to disable the CSSE feature in Captcha Sniper and it should work.

What is Scrapejet error 9999?

This means that there are no more proxies left.  So either you have ticked to use included proxies and not put any in or all of your proxies have become blocked or your firewall is blocking the proxies.