How many connections is each of the low, medium, high and max?

Low - 5
Medium - 10
High - 25
Max - 50

What is the timeouts of the low, medium, high and max?

Low - 15 seconds
Medium - 30 Seconds
High - 45 Seconds
Max - 60 Seconds


Does the bad word list filter page content, page titles, comments, etc...?

Bad words checks the page content, so if you have the word “spam” as a blacklist word and the blog owner or someone posted a comment “You have a lot of spam” it would trigger and skip posting.

The bad word list only applies to the commenter, so it won't comment on pages that contain the bad words.

How is the blacklist formatted and what does it filter?

Black List checks the URL so if you just put “spam” any url with that word in it will be skipped. If you put then it will also match or or will block posting to wordpress hosted blogs (note the dot in front).

What is Safe Search in ScrapeJet?

Safe search lets you filter objectionable content.  So if you wanted to only scrape blog results and post to them and have them not include Adult sites for instance, you could use safe search.  Scrapejet does Not determine what is "Safe" and what is not, this is done by Google.  More information can be found here: